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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a retail store located in the states?

At our dedicated and secure office space, we prioritize creating a tranquil and comfortable environment for our clients, distinct from the bustling atmosphere of a retail store. Here, we have the luxury of time to delve into our extensive selection of exquisite diamonds without the distractions commonly found in a retail setting. The one-on-one consultations in this serene setting allow us to explore the nuances of our diamond collection at a pace that suits you. Whether it takes one meeting or several, there are absolutely no obligations. I am committed to ensuring that our clients make informed and confident decisions, and the absence of time pressures allows for a thorough and thoughtful exploration of our offerings. Your satisfaction and comfort are paramount, and we invite you to experience the difference of a personalized and relaxed consultation in our private office.

What is covered by your lifetime warranty?

All of our jewelry is handcrafted using the highest quality materials and is inspected before shipping. Our lifetime warranty offers free cleaning, free prong tightening, free resizing, and complimentary engraving.


Lifetime upgrade: Any natural diamond purchased from our store can qualify for an upgrade. Upon review, you will receive a credit up to the original purchase price, which can be used towards the next purchase. The diamond that is being upgraded must be in the original condition and accompanied by the original GIA certification and invoice. There will be no credit for the old setting.

Do you provide insurance appraisals?

Yes, we do. Every Mercury Jewelry product valued at over $500 will be accompanied by a full insurance evaluation, appraised by a GIA-certified gemologist. This appraisal can be used to obtain coverage from a jewelry insurance provider.

What is the source of all your diamonds?

All Mercury diamonds are conflict-free. We are proud to offer our valued customers conflict free diamonds obtained from the world’s most ethical sources, which remain uncompromised in regards to child labor practices, human right abuses, political violence and environmental degradation as outlined in the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market. The Kimberly Process is an international certification scheme that regulates trade in rough diamonds. KPCS helps protect legitimate trade in rough diamonds.

How should I take care of my diamond jewelry?

Exposure during ordinary wear to perspiration and household chemicals, like chlorine and hairspray, can cause buildup that dulls the surface of the diamond. We recommend periodic cleaning to keep the diamond sparkling and refractive.

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